Switch is looking for a Developer to support our team.

Switch is looking for an experienced web developer with an in-depth knowledge of Craft CMS to add to the creative team. We need someone who takes joy in solving complex problems and is passionate about clean code and efficient workflows. A background in design is also a plus. You will be working closely with our interactive developer and team of in-house designers to create cohesive web solutions for a wide variety of client types and needs. Candidates based in Dallas are preferred, but we are open and flexible to remote capabilities if you think you’d be a good fit.

Your Primary Responsibilities Would Include:

  • Performing site upgrades and general maintenance for existing projects.
  • Responding to site maintenance requests and emergencies in real time.
  • Collaborating with our other developer to implement front-end templates and modules in new Craft builds.
  • Working with Craft plugins and the occasional 3rd-party API to build intuitive content authoring solutions and administration tools for our clients.
  • Implementing front-end designs (we like Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js) as needed.
Our Objectives:
  • We build websites primarily in Craft, and occasionally in Drupal or Webflow depending on project scope and needs.
  • We maintain our websites for clients on an ongoing basis, and provide and support our own hosting services.
  • We build websites that are responsive on a variety of platforms.
  • We deliver projects quickly and efficiently.
  • We work closely with designers and project managers to understand the parameters of the project.
Traits of a Successful Candidate:
  • You love beautiful code!
  • You enjoy small, fast-paced development groups where communication and teamwork are critical.
  • You are not afraid to ask questions to guarantee that the project is done right the first time.
  • You are willing to work in a variety of development environments, and desire to learn what you need to in order to get the job done.
  • You get joy out of creating elegant solutions to problems with complex constraints and goals.
  • You are not stuck in your ways, and can be flexible to accommodate client and internal timelines and budgets.
Must Have:
  • Ability to build, update, edit, and maintain websites built on Craft CMS (additionally, Expressionengine, Drupal, WordPress, other PHP-based CMS).
  • Relevant experience as a web developer either in-house or at an interactive studio.
  • Total comfort writing standards-compliant HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
  • Flexibility to be integrated into our internal communication systems (Monday.com and Slack).
  • The ability to recreate Adobe XD or Figma documents in front-end code that match the designer’s vision.
  • A willingness to jump in and fix problems when things inevitably go wrong.
  • A willingness to serve as liaison and development manager between Switch and any 3rd-party developers or other specialists that we engage with for large custom sites.
Nice to Have:
  • A firm understanding of Vue.
  • Experience creating shopping carts (Craft Commerce, Shopify, etc.).
  • Some design background.
  • Basic understanding of SEO and Analytics best practices.
  • Experience building and customizing Shopify sites.
We Offer:
  • A real opportunity to make a difference. You’ll be part of a small, powerful team.
  • A stimulating environment with great people who seek genuine collaboration.
  • A wide variety of clients and challenges to help you grow as a developer.
  • Opportunities to join in on fun team outings and special occasions.
Please Include:
  • An introductory statement. Tell us what qualifies you for this position and give us a sense of who you are. Address the above requirements.
  • Something you created and are proud of. This can be a custom site, some clever Javascript animations, or anything that shows your prowess.
  • An online portfolio that shows the breadth of your work and ability.
  • At least two professional references from prior positions with similar responsibilities.
  • A resume.